Newmar New Aire Class A motorhome
Roadtrek Class B motorhome
Newmar New Aire Class A motorhome

Class A Motorhomes

This may not be common knowledge, but Class A motorhomes are what most people think about when you mention the phrase “RV.” And who...
A Jeep Cherokee is towed behind a Newmar Superstar Class C motorhome

Dinghy Towing: What to Know Before You Go

It’s imperative to do the research before purchasing a dinghy vehicle Unless you own stock in Uber or Lyft (or you really like bicycling or...
A Jeep wrangler hitched behind a class A motorhome

Dinghy Towing: A Guide to Outfitting Your Vehicle

Whether you travel far and wide or near to home, here’s what you need for better dinghy towing when you take your motorhome on...
Roadtrek Class B motorhome

Class B Motorhomes

The Class B motorhome probably got its start when some … ahem … creative individual bestowed his van with a green shag carpet remnant...