Whether you travel far and wide or near to home, here’s what you need for better dinghy towing when you take your motorhome on the road.

Towing a “dinghy” vehicle is what makes traveling by motorhome so convenient. In addition to having your home wherever you go, you’ve also got your favorite vehicle to go out and explore with, which makes the RV experience that much more comfortable for you and your loved one(s). But before you plan your journey, it’s important to understand the steps required to take the family vehicle along for the ride.

Know before you tow

The first thing to consider is the vehicle you want to take with you. Whether it’s a vehicle you already own or one you’d like to purchase, check the owner’s manual under “towing,” “recreational towing,” “flat towing,” or “dinghy towing,” and see if the manufacturer approves of the practice before you take your next step. Owner’s manuals for most vehicles are available online simply by searching the year, make and model of your vehicle followed by “owner’s manual.” If the vehicle is brand spanking new and/or you can’t download a manual, your dealer should be able to help you find one (especially if you plan to buy from him/her).

Give it a brake

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