This may not be common knowledge, but Class A motorhomes are what most people think about when you mention the phrase “RV.” And who can blame them? These fiberglass fortresses are pretty hard to forget, with their rectangular form factor and celebrity tour-bus panache.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to take your living room along for the ride, then a Class A is for you. Its large front windshield provides amazing visibility, while large comfy seats and plenty of elbow- and legroom will keep you relaxed and entertained as you eat up the miles like a double-bacon cheeseburger. Available in lengths from 25-ish to 45 feet, Class A’s can be had with gas or diesel power, and are offered in a wide range of floorplan options, from one or more slideout rooms to full-wall slideouts to bath-and-a-half floorplans and bunkhouse models to give the kids some space (and you some sanity).
Choice is a good thing — but with a price range that starts north of $100K and tops out at more than $1.5 million, so is restraint. Establish a budget and a list of wants and needs before you head out to the dealer lot or RV show, because it’s easy to get carried away.

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Start by deciding how large a motorhome you’d be comfortable driving, and whether you want gas or diesel. Slideouts are great for opening up the living space while at your destination, but can make it cramped during travel — so ask to see the RV with the slides in and out. Decide whether you want the simplicity of fiberglass with graphics, or the added bling of automotive-style full-body paint. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, one roof air conditioner will probably do the job — but if you live in Phoenix or Miami, you’ll definitely want two, and that could raise the cost substantially.

Only now can you begin your journey — but along the way, be sure to look at things like exterior storage space (pass-through is nice if you plan to stow long items, like skis or kayaks), holding-tank capacity and switch placement. Then you can consider what other options would make your life easier/more comfortable (some of our favorites are automatic leveling systems and power front windshield shades) and begin comparing similarly equipped models to get the best deal.

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